January 21, 2016

January 21, 2016: We got a cool surprise when we woke up at the new hotel this morning. We didn’t know it, but we were only a few minutes from a place where Monarch Butterflies go on vacation. I’m on vacation too! And I LOVE butterflies. When we got there I saw two butterflies hugging, but I didn’t see many others. Then I looked up. Hundreds of butterflies were flying around the trees. Mommy and daddy said there were thousands cuddling in the trees. I didn’t see that though. I made a friend with one butterfly that was stuck in a bookshelf. I was the only one that saw him in there. Poor little guy. Daddy helped me set him free. I was happy to help. We couldn’t stay long though because we had to finish our roadtrip to San Francisco. We finally made it after driving forever! I met mommy’s forever friend, Kristin, and her family. They are even cooler than mommy said and much cooler than mommy and daddy. I am so excited to hang out with them more tomorrow!


January 21, 2016



January 21, 2016


January 21, 2016


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