Get A Move On!

Screenshot_20171017-212551October 17, 2017:  I had a really great second nap this afternoon. I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! I couldn’t wait to wake up Jameson so we could play. Then Jameson had a great idea. We should go outside and paint! Awesome!  I’m big enough now where I get to help put the colors on paper. The only problem was mommy said we had to wait until daddy came home to help. Help with what?! I do all the work. I grab all the paint brushes and spread them out in the yard, I pick up all the paint tops, I grab the paint jars, I taste the paint to see which one would look best…it’s not that hard. We called daddy to tell him to hurry up, but he hadn’t even left yet! I can not work under these conditions.



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