Casting Call

IMG_1527August 3, 2017:  Daddy tells me there are adventure shows about people that rough it in the outdoors. I think maybe I should try out for one of those shows. I’m getting pretty good at roughing it. Today I took a bath in a tote while watching Paw Patrol in the family room, and I taught myself to cast my fishing lure into the lake. I still haven’t landed my first fish, but I have the cast and reel part nailed down. The fish just need to do a better job listening to me when I call them. We are leaving to go back home tomorrow, but it sounds like I’ll get lots more chances to perfect my skills because we visited a lawyer today in Haliburton. It’s so rustic here that we saw a moose on the way there! Grandma and grandpa signed part of the cottage over to daddy.  I signed some paper too, but I’m not sure they were legally binding. After that we roughed it by getting some fish and chips and ice cream. Meanwhile, I heard Finley spent a bunch of time at Resort DeLa Grammie and Papa today. Sheesh, I’m going to need to get that girl’s nails dirty one of these days.


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