IMG952017060295131224944June 2, 2017: Aaaaachoooo! Today my class went to a farm. Aaaaachoooo!  I’ve been to a farm before. Aaaaachoooo! Last time I didn’t sneeze this much. Aaaaachoooo! My nose didn’t get itchy and runny like this either. Aaaaachoooo! My eyes didn’t get all red either. Aaaaachoooo!  I blame the book daddy always wants to read me. Aaaaachoooo! It’s called Robert the Rose Horse, and it’s about how he gets a funny feeling and sneezes everyone down flat when he sniffs roses. Aaaaachoooo! I purposely don’t smell roses just in case. Aaaaachoooo! And we weren’t allowed to feed carrots to the horses so I didn’t catch any sneezes from Robert. Aaaaachoooo! It was either the bunny, chicken, or duck that I petted that got my nose all itchy (none named Robert). Aaaaachoooo! I hope I didn’t sneeze my teacher or classmates down flat.



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