Wish List

16449May 14, 2017:  There was quite some build-up to mommy’s special day. She’s been telling me bedtime stories for weeks outlining how she wanted her day to go. The story goes like this – Daddy, Finley, and I wake up early to make her breakfast in bed. We carry it in on a tray and quietly whisper “Surprise, happy mother’s day! Wake up,  mommy.” Then I run to my bedroom to get her presents and chocolate cake hidden under my bed. After she opens her presents (dictated by mommy), she eats her breakfast while we watch TV in bed. Then Finley and I play nice all day. We did what mommy told us and she had a good day. When I asked daddy what he wants for father’s day, he said, “an otter.” C’mon daddy be serious!! This isn’t going to be easy.



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