Swab the Deck

16038May 1, 2017:  It’s May now. That means summer will be here any day now. Summertime means we get to go to the cottage soon. We get to swim, throw rocks in the water, go for ice cream, and ride around in grandpa’s boat. Daddy tells me grandpa bought a new boat. I got to drive his old boat last year, but that was a long time ago. I’ve been practicing my cottage skills to get ready. The steering wheel on my slide is a perfect wheelhouse and I make an awesome captain. It’s up high so people can hear the my orders. Finley has never been to the cottage before, so I had to give her drills to practice. Today I told her to pick up the ladybugs in her book. They’re just like rocks we throw. I forgot to tell her the ladybugs didn’t come out of the book, but a captain like me can’t be bothered with those kind of details.



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