Quick Change Artist

16027April 30, 2017 :  I’ve been watching Jameson for a long time now. She is teaching me all sorts of good stuff. My favorite lessons in silliness revolve around things that drive mommy and daddy crazy. Serves them right since we get our funny bones from them. Recently Jameson told me about a fun trick to play on them.  One of her old favorites. It’s called ‘Diaper Change Chase.’ First, you lay down for a diaper change and act interested in whatever toy the target gives you. Onsie snaps come off. New diaper under dirty diaper. Old diaper comes off…NOW!! ROLL AND RUN…FAST!!!!  Ahhahhahhahhah! The grown-up grabs your leg and you laugh and roll some more. I haven’t tried it yet with a poopie diaper, but Jameson says the look on their face will be…PRICELESS!! I can’t wait to see what Jameson is lining up next for us.



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