Collision Course

IMG_20170428_182736390April 29, 2017:  I’ve noticed that squirrels don’t look both ways when they cross the street. Mommy and daddy say you have to look both ways and hold a grown-up’s hand when you cross the street, because sometimes drivers don’t pay attention. Finley doesn’t pay attention when she drives her car, that’s for sure. She bumps into walls, toys, and me sometimes. To help her drive more safely, Daddy and I started putting up obstacles for her today. I don’t think she understood the concept. When she didn’t hit them with her car, she knocked them over with her hand. In other news, I got to pet Benny the Rabbit at school today. He lives at school so he is really smart. I’m sure he knows to look both ways, but just in case I also told him to watch out for Finley.



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