We Have No Sheep

tmp_32717-26661-1280760190April 25, 2017:  My big sister is really good at falling asleep. She trained under daddy, and mommy says he could fall asleep while mowing the lawn if he wanted. He is amazing. I’m pretty good sleeping at night, but I haven’t figured out how to fall asleep by myself in the crib or how to nap longer than 30 minutes during the day. Daddy has been giving me some tips and we’ve been practicing. I’m a visual learner so I laid out some scenarios using a baby doll today. It’s perplexing. Meanwhile, Jameson is taking AP courses and really challenging herself. Today, she ate M&Ms with papa while she and grammie made cupcakes, then ate a cupcake right before her nap! She wasn’t able to fall asleep, but daddy says it was a good effort. Those aren’t exactly the words mommy used.


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