tmp_24825-IMG_20170403_174947093883248160April 3, 2017:  When you want something really bad you need to work toward that goal until you achieve it, that makes getting what you wanted that much sweeter. Or so mommy and daddy tell me. They say they had to work really hard to get me. I guess that’s why I’m so darn sweet. Finley tried to get a little sweeter today by crawling to get the tablet. She didn’t make it all the way there though. Tough break, kid. Anyway, I want the Air Patroller from Paw Patrol. I brought the lego airplane home from grammie and papa’s house to practice. Maybe if mommy sees I’m responsible enough to fly this one, she’ĺl buy me the real one. If not, my fallbacks are papa and aunt Ellen, but I’m trying to go to those wells only when absolutely necessary. tmp_24825-IMG_20170403_151228676-1771884722


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