Over Correction

tmp_4001-IMG_20170326_125526738883248160March 26, 2017: Mommy tried to take us to our first Pow Wow today, but there wasn’t any Pow Wow. She got the date wrong. Daddy said she was wrong by a lot. Mommy said it’s next weekend. Whatever. It doesn’t matter to Finley and me. We got to go to the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum instead! First we stopped for snacks and ice cream at the local brewery. Finley put on a dance party for the waitstaff. Then I got to show Finley around the museum. She’s too little for the cool stuff like the water table, but she did find a couple things to play with. I spent the entire time playing in the water. It was the best ever. If this is what happens when mommy makes a mistake, I hope she makes a lot more!


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