Easy Street

IMG_20170318_154338651March 18, 2017: Mommy and daddy do a lot of hard work around here. At least they say they do. Finley and I had a sister’s meeting and decided we should try to do more to help. Maybe if we showed some effort they’d stop complaining so much. So today I put all my library books in a bag and put them in the return box at the library. For her size, Finley is really stepping up. This morning, she started trying to put her pacifier in her mouth all by herself, but that was nothing. Later, when Aunt Ellen came over, we heard daddy say they were going grocery shopping for their date night. Finley decided to take one for the team and stay up late so mommy and daddy didn’t have to do all the grocery shopping by themselves. Finley and I sure make life easier on these two.



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