Soap On, Soap Off

tmp_10082-screenshot_20170303-192008616446887March 3, 2017: Finley is one dirty baby. She gets milk and cereal all over her face, drools, spits up everywhere, and poops a lot. What’s really crazy is that I’ve never seen her take a bath since she came home from the hospital a little over 5 months ago…until today! And Mommy and daddy wonder why I don’t want to get too close?! They’ve have had a hard time handling all their responsibilities since there are two of us now so I can understand why giving Finley a bath fell off their priority list, but c’mon! The girl is stinky! My favorite thing to do is take a bath, so I figured Finley would like one too. I offered to help mommy and daddy give her a bath. They took me up on my offer. I showed them how it’s done. I hope they were paying attention so they can do it by themselves next time. I know I’m the big sister, but I don’t have time to do their jobs too! Editor’s Note: Mommy tells me they gave Finley baths at night after I went to bed. She couldn’t recall how frequently. Yeah…sure.


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