Sweet Tooth

tmp_8809-img_20170228_165614701380597409February 28, 2017: I love sweet things. Chocolate, cake, cookies, smoothies, lollipops, M&Ms, ice cream….It’s all yummy! I’m not very picky.  Daddy said that’s not surprising considering how much mommy loves sweets too. He said I have a sweet tooth and that I’m gonna need to brush my teeth all the time. Doesn’t he know that I have more than one tooth? Anyhoo, I don’t mind brushing my teeth, but I don’t have time to brush them more than once a day. I think if I just use a bigger toothbrush that should be fine. I found one at Ikea. It was bigger than me. We don’t know if Finley has a sweet tooth. She doesn’t have any teeth yet. For now, she’s happy chewing on a bag of plastic straws. More for me, I guess!


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