Five Fingered Monster

17155February 21, 2017: I turned five months old a long time ago. It was no biggie. Finley turned five months old today. That’s five fingers. I guess she’s kinda starting to grow on me a little bit. She doesn’t cry or sleep as much, though she is constantly staring at me. We definitely still need to work on that. It’s creepy. Today daddy and I taught her one of our most fun games. Daddy’s hand turns into a face-eating monster that flies over his head until it finds a yummy face to grab. Usually it finds MY face. It’s a really silly game and I laugh every time. Luckily, daddy has two face-eating monsters so Finley and I could both play at the same time. It was pretty fun. Mommy says Finley is going to keep growing and soon we’ll be able to play all sorts of stuff together. I suppose that sounds good as long as she keeps her eyes to herself a little more.



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