Mea Culpa

13363January 29, 2017: I’ve been saying sorry to mommy and daddy a lot lately. I suppose that’s because I haven’t been very nice to them the last few days. I got in trouble for throwing toys and food, and not listening when I’m told to do something. I’ve been in the time out chair quite a bit lately. I felt bad for my behavior today, especially when mommy reminded me that Finley is watching and learning from me. I’m turning two years old in a few days so I’m going to be an even bigger sister. I thought I’d make amends and show mommy and daddy that I can be a good role model. Finley ate solid food for the first time and I offered to help feed her. She also played in the Exer-saucer for the first time and I showed her how it works. This good will has nothing to do with the fact that mommy was talking about my birthday presents either. Pure good will, people.



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