Role Reversal

12333December 30, 2016: Jameson is a really great big sister. I don’t think she was very excited about sharing mommy and daddy at first. Now she kisses me (when mommy suggests it) and likes to greet me when I wake up from my naps. I like watching her play, and I think she likes teaching me things. Today’s lesson was about my animals and the sounds they make. She knows a lot of stuff and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. I’ve decided to skip ahead in my lessons so I don’t fall behind. I noticed Jameson doesn’t hold her own bottle. According to daddy it’s been almost 23 months and she still won’t do it. Can she do it? I dunno. Regardless, I flew solo when daddy gave me my bottle today. I figure I’ll have this milestone knocked out in a week or so. Maybe Jameson can learn a thing or two from me.



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