Crowded House


December 1, 2016

December 1, 2016: I sleep with a lot of stuffed animals. By a lot, I mean 18. Puppy, big puppy, soft puppy, bunny rabbit, owl, otter, other otter, brown bear, pink bear, moose, Lions bear, kitty pillow, Grover, Cookie Monster, Pluto, turtle, Tiger Lily, and beaver. When I was little there was a lot of room for all of us in my crib. Now that I’m so much bigger it’s crowded and we bump into each other. Sometimes things get a little out of hand. This morning I told mommy my owl’s wing popped out. She said I should use my doctor kit to check him out. Dr. Jameson to the rescue! I checked his heart, eyes, temperature, and wing. Then I gave him a band aid on his wing and shot in his butt. Nothing major…he needs to take it easy for two or three days, but I think we’re going to have to more careful in the future. I’m going to need an assistant so Finley better at least learn to roll over soon.



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