The Doctor Is In


August 5, 2016

August 5, 2016: I went to the doctor yesterday for a check up. I feel like I go to the doctor’s office a lot. I was just there three months ago. Every time I go, the doctor comes to see me in a room with a table. She checks my ears, nose,  tummy, and mouth. Then she asks if I can do stuff. This time we counted together and recited words from one of my books that we both memorized. All that is fine, but then she leaves and another lady comes in to give me a shot. We had such a great time talking too! Oh well, mommy says the shot is supposed to make me stronger. Mommy and daddy gave me a toy doctor kit for my half birthday. I’m using it to give my stuffed animals check ups too. If I can make them stronger maybe they can protect me from the shot lady.


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