Last Hurrah

July 28, 2016: This will be my last blog from the cottage until next year. Tomorrow morning daddy and I hit the road to go back home.  I’ve had lots of fun up here playing with my cousins and aunt Susie, but I really miss my mommy. Daddy and I didn’t sleep very well last night. We went to town to get presents for mommy and my new sister (when she gets here). Daddy took me on the swings and slide again. We had a lot of fun and when we got back I met Aunt Mary Ann, Joe, and Mrs. Corker. I’m still not excited about meeting new people. Then I was cranky at daddy after my nap. He wanted to go fishing, but I wanted to go swimming. We fished from the dock for a while, but it was hot and I wanted to put my bathing suit on and splash. I had to explain that through lots of tears. We went swimming and all  was forgotten. Abi taught me how to yell really loud for an echo! After dinner I played catch with my Abi and Cici. It was sooooooo fun. I was beat after that. Vacations are a lot of work!


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