Grandpa Gets It


May 24, 2016

May 24, 2016: Grandpa gets it. Especially when I want it, then he gets it even faster.  Ever since I was little, I say a word, be cute, and grandpa gets me what I asked for. Whether it’s a stuffed caterpillar, a toy at the store, cute clothes, or numnums…doesn’t matter, grandpa gets it. I think I have more teeth coming in because my frozen pacifiers have been feeling especially good in my mouth lately. I was at grammie and grandpa’s house today and felt like a frozen one. I pulled on the freezer door and said “pbpbthath peeeease!” just like at home. Then grandpa did something extraordinary. Instead of a pacifier, he pulled out a popsicle and gave me the WHOLE THING! Just for me! I keep forgetting I have this power with him.


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