Deja Vu


April 5, 2016

April 5, 2016: The last time we roadtripped up to Traverse City I was only 8 weeks old. I don’t remember much, but I recall not really enjoying the car ride very much. This time was a little better, but I’d rather be running around then sitting in the car for hours. We had a special guest along for the ride. Her name was Fiona and she was nice. She had cool hair and gave me a present! I still preferred to have daddy sit next to me in the backseat though. Once we got to the hotel, I got to explore. My memory is foggy. Some things look familiar. Some things do not. We went to the pool. Daddy swears it was here last time, but I think I would’ve remembered it! We went for a dip. It was cold and I got splashed. I didn’t like getting splashed just when I was getting used to the water. I was hoping it would be more like bathtime. Oh well. Thank goodness for warm mommy cuddles.


April 5, 2016



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