Game Face


November 26, 2015

November 26, 2015: I had my first Thanksgiving today. Are they all this fun? If so, I can’t wait until next year. We went downtown and there was a big parade with cars dragging colorful trailers. Then we rode a train that went in between all the buildings. When we got off the train, we walked to a really big building with lots of people inside. This is where the Lions play! Then we got to see the players go on the field from inside a long tunnel! It was all too much excitement. I needed a bottle and a nap. When I woke up the Lions won the game and it was time to go. We went back on the train and into the car, but we didn’t go home. We went to Aunt Squishee’s house! I got to see grandma and grandpa and play with my cousins. Thanks, mommy and daddy, that was a great day!


November 26, 2015


November 26, 2015


November 26, 2015


November 26, 2015


November 26, 2015


November 26, 2015


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